Saturday, August 3, 2013

WPAL Paladin radio welcomes LOKA

LOKA is an alternative hard rock band based out of Tokyo/Japan but their music dose not sound all !You will find it has the backbone of American Hard rock.
With Raging Synthesizers and digital drum beats their music dose not stop on the live rock stage as it spreads into the club music scene.

LOKA made their debut appearance on June 9th 2012 Founded by singer Kihiro and drummer Ken'Inchi.

On August 8th 2012  LOKA released their first Ep  01 zero-one and kicked off a national tour of Japan.
While on the road they released their first album "EnFlAME" on November 7th 2012 as they continued their national 40 show tour selling over 1000 copies and still growing.

In April of 2013 LOKA welcomed  their official Bass player Katsumi
LOKA is currently set to kick off another summer national tour with International dates as well.
LOKA has currently been added to WPAL Paladin Radio rotation
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