Friday, August 16, 2013

We Now have an Itunes listed Podcast

A few weeks ago we started a Podcast as a way to introduce more breaking artist to the world.
Do to demand being so high for radio airplay and air time being a limited resource. We created a podcast so everyone now has a chance to be heard.

We have now done 10 episodes from the time we started and it is working out well. So well In fact that our Podcast is now listed on Itunes. We have basically left submissions on an open call so anyone and everyone will have a shot to be heard and syndicated on a rss feed. If you would like to add your music to our podcast you can submit it here!air-play-submision/c1b0t

In other news Paladin radio now also has its own social network This is best place to find out whats going on inside paladin radio and best way to communicate with us we hope to see you there,

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