Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Paladin Radio News Update: A legand returns, Music gets rebuilt better and new ground breaking style its the airwaves

Herb Alpert is back and still fantastic!! A few days ago I was contacted by Randy Alpert one of the writers of the hit Rise and shown the new video for Putting on the ritz and it was just killer, For the younger generation ,if you don't know Herb Alpert I am Including a wiki link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herb_Alpert check out the video

Another great song that was passed on to me to day was from Martha Rossi who did a killer rewrite of Someone Like you. If you have not been following the International music scene Italy is exploding right now. After you watch the video I am sure you agree
I also came across more breaking music with Ivy Levan and her new song Money. It seems That Ivy Is single handedly bring back torch and nailing it in this video. We are going to be keeping and eye on her as I am sure she will be hitting all of music video channels soon with this one
All of these Hot artist are being played on Wpal paladin radio right now.Be on the look out for our featured Artist of the Month Tunde Akinsanmi that will be coming posted the next few days.

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