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Jand Hustle - New African Nollywood Movie - Film Director Mr E & Tunde

Utopia au exclusive interview with Mr E  - Ehizojie Ojesebholo - Film Director
Jand Hustle New Nollywood Film coming soon...
Jand Hustle is a Naija comedy directed by Award winning film producer Mr E. Jand Huslte was written & produced by Ehizojie Ojesebholo & Funmi Adesanya.
Utopia Au's Nicole Stewart, one of our publicists, interviewed Mr E (Ehizojie Ojesebholo) today in an exclusive interview with a surprise special guest celebrity Tunde singer, songwriter, producer BAT Records. Tunde features on our site here
The Jand Hustle Movie also features the smash hit single by Tunde, "Tosibe" ft Muyen & Pado.
Tosibe music video was also Directed and filmed by Mr.E in Lagos a few months back.
Check out our exclusive interview with Utopia au and Mr E.
Utopia au - utopia magazine au
Utopia Au - Utopia Magazine Au
with Film Director Mr.E and Tunde
Read the full interview here>>
Tunde on set of Tosibe music video with Film Director Mr.E and Muyen 
#UtopiaAu  Lets talk about your upcoming NollyWood film Jand Huslte. What is the movie about and where was it filmed?

#MrE   'Jand Hustle' (2013) is a dark comedy about Jimi Bendel, an opinionated Nigerian, who travels from West Africa to East London, in search of love and financial freedom.
Jand Hustle was filmed in both Nigeria and England. Written and Produced by Ehizojie Ojesebholo (for Ceroms Media Productions) & Funmi Adesanya (TJD & D Productions).

#UtopiaAu  You mentioned you worked on videos for Styl-Plus (Tunde). What was it like to work with Tunde again and Direct and produce the 'Tosibe' music video?

#MrE   I had worked with Tunde before; when he was a member of Styl-Plus and in my opinion, he is the coolest member of the band.
We worked together on Tosibe this year; as part of Jand Hustle's motion picture soundtrack. It was so cool! He is humble, talented & great to work with. He is also super cute, hehehe. #MrE @ehizojesebholo

#UtopiaAu  Yep, lol but so true Mr E and all the fans simply love Tunde.
Tunde is an amazing artist, producer, a super fab person so let's see what Tunde has to say?

#UtopiaAu  We warmly welcome our celebrity guest Tunde to this exclusive interview. We are loving your music from Sydney Australia and all over the world. What was it like to work with Mr.E again?

Tunde Akinsanmi: Thanks Nicole for having me right here cause I'm loving it already. And yes Mr E...... blah blah I worked with Mr E during my days as a Styl-Plus member and loved the way he translated stuff on screen. By the way, he shot the award winning video "Call My Name" back in the days. Working with him on Tosibe was amazing cause we understood each other  perfectly well. Can't wait for Jand Hustle to be released on the Big Screen". #Tunde @tundeakinsanmi
BAT Records @MyJoystickTales
Tunde - Tunde Akinsanmi 
Read the full interview here>> 

JAND HUSTLE 1st Film Trailer here. Its just a teaser of whats to come in the next few weeks.

Jand Hustle Cast Listing
Ehizojie Ojesebholo, Rachael Oniga
Oyinka Yusuff, Okechukwu Chima
Leonie Zeumer, and Omoh Kallista

Tosibe - Tunde ft Muyen & Pado FREE DOWNLOAD

Exclusive to Utopia au - Utopia Magazine

Utopia au - Utopia Magazine 
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