Saturday, June 8, 2013

Paladin radio now in support of a Free China now Airing Q’orianka Kilcher “The Courage to Believe”

Song incorporated into the theatrical version of the film to be released in May/June 2013
Music by Tony Chen Lyrics: Kean Wong & Michael Perlman
About Q’orianka Kilcher
At the age of 14, Q’orianka Kilcher emerged into the front ranks of young actors with her portrayal of Pocahontas opposite Colin Farrell and Christian Bale in Terrence Malick’s Oscar nominated film The New World”,
Her performance won her the National Board of Reviews best breakthrough performance of 2006 and the 2006 Alma Award for best Latin American actress in a feature film, as well as numerous nominations and rave reviews.
Some of her other credits include Princess Kaiulani, the award-winning FX TV show Sons of Anarchy, Shouting Secrets, Hallmark Hall of Fames “Firelight”, the Syfy mini-series Neverland, The Killing , Longmire and The Power Of Few, starring Christopher Walken and Christian Slater, a film she not only starred in but also produced via her production company iQ Films iQ films upcoming slate of projects currently includes “The Life”, a TV pilot shining light on the epidemic of child sex trafficking in the US and the environmental SyFy feature “The Blueprint”.
As a young producer willing to see opportunity where others see risk, Qorianka proved to be not only a young voice for change with a desire to break down some of the barriers of conventional film making but also someone with a vision for a more inclusive , interactive and collaborative film making process and production model. Her contributions as producer to the films significant interactive and collaborative elements through participatory storytelling not only proved that there is opportunity were most see risk, but was a major step in creating a new connection between Hollywood and a young passionate global audience, and audience with a desire to creatively express themselves and have their voices heard while exploring the new frontiers and of today’s interactive media and technology.
Q’orianka is not only an award winning actress with high critical acclaim, but also an accomplished Singer Songwriter and committed Human Rights and environmental activist and fearless young force, who has courageously and tirelessly used her public voice and privilege of celebrity to speak out for the voiceless and many of today’s most important and relevant causes and issues.
Her work in support of basic Human Rights, Social and Environmental Justice, corporate accountability and Indigenous peoples rights has not only garnered her many national and international nominations, awards and honors including the Young Hollywood Green Award, the Gandhi Award and the prestigious Brower Youth Award , but also has won her the respect from many indigenous leaders and notable personalities like Nobel Peace Price winner Rigoberta Menchu , Bolivian President Evo Morales, and Indigenous leader Alberto Pizango among others.
Her work and persona were one of James Cameron’s first inspirations in creating the character of “Naitiri ” for the highly successful film “Avatar”.
While Q’orianka frequently lends her celebrity, voice and energy as spokesperson and youth ambassador to many notable organizations such as Amnesty international, Green Peace, AIDESEP, IFG and Amazon Watch just to name a few, her true passion is to help empower small grassroots community projects and indigenous youth initiatives from around the world and work directly with the many unsung every day action heroes who she feels are the true front line soldiers of effective change.
Q’orianka is the founder of on-Q Initiative, Youth4Truth media and ActionHeroNetwork with AHN being the first open source activist platform focused on empowering the many every day action heroes within our communities and globally, while facilitating a more interactive, direct and collaborative approach to philanthropy itself.
Q’orianka frequently speaks at international conferences and panels including,The United Nations – Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the International Forum on Globalization ,Amnesty internationals woman’s rights, World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, Rise-Up Womans Health Initiative and at various universities, including Georg Washington University and the Harvard Leadership conference, speaking on a wide spectrum of subjects including Human Rights, environmental and social justice, sustainability, indigenous peoples rights, corporate accountability, Free Trade, youth leadership,and Juvenile justice, womans rights and empowerment just to name a few.
In her free time, Qorianka enjoys dedicating herself to her passion for music and is hoping to play more live shows and record a CD of her original music.

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