Wednesday, March 27, 2013

hot new artist Jillan O

In a city that has been best known for its athletic teams and juicy peaches, it can be easy to overlook the fact that Atlanta, GA has also produced a list of musical talent that  reads like a Grammy Awards guest list. That list of high-caliber star talent is going to get  a little longer as Jillian O steps up to the plate.
Singing since she could speak, it was evident from the beginning that Jillian O didn’t just love to sing, she was exceptionally good at it. Over the first 10 years of her life, her need for musical expression grew and she began writing songs, as well as performing. ”Early on, I never showed anyone anything I wrote because I thought it was all really bad.” Her passion for songwriting became undeniable, however, and it soon became a part of her identity. “Now I canʼt wait to show my friends and family new songs! It must get pretty annoying!”, Jillian added. Recognizing her unstoppable love for music and her genuine talent for it, her whole family is behind her.
“When I was little I used to dream about singing on stage in front of thousands of people. I wanted people to remember me. I told my parents I wanted to seriously pursue my music career at age twelve. My entire family has supported me from day one. They have never pressed me to do anything I didnʼt want to do. They are just proud and happy Iʼm following my dreams.” As such a young talent, Jillian knows the importance of focusing on her education while pursuing her career, and she excels at both. “Last year, I switched schools. I now go to  a private home school. The school is designed so people who are performers or athletes can pursue their dreams but still get an education and be social. I can go to Nashville and do the work online so I donʼt miss anything when Iʼm gone. My training schedule is pretty intense and Iʼm training as an artist 6-7 days a week for long hours!
Balancing that and staying a straight A student is quite a challenge.” But Jillian O has yet to meet a challenge she wasn’t determined enough to dominate.

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