Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Paladin radio welcomes Cara Quici

Cara Quici is an American singer/songwriter born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas now living in New York City and Los Angeles. Cara first began singing church hymns at the age of 4 and throughout Cara’s school years, she cultivated and showcased her talent by participating in local school talent shows and church musicals.
As a pre-teen Cara attended International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) Convention in Hollywood, California with her Texas Agency, Infinity Model and Talent Agency. She won various awards for singing, dancing, acting, and modeling. Due to her parents being unable to move to Hollywood as her guardians, Cara then flew back to Texas leaving multiple contracts behind. On her 18th birthday, which was the same day she graduated High School, Cara sought out to reach her dreams by leaving her small Texas town for the lights and stages of New York City.
After four years in New York, Cara branched out to Hollywood, California becoming bi-coastal. During this time she prepped for her first professional recording sessions by attending the reputable Los Angeles based “Oksana’s School of Music” for piano and voice. Acclaimed pianist Oksana Kolesnikova was Cara’s teacher for piano. Cara then added accomplished Musician’s Institute Hollywood vocal coach Carol Rogers, known as Mama O, to her schooling. After recording over 30 songs with the industry’s top producers and writers in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami combined, Cara then released her first single to the public entitled “Away From You” which was also co-written by the singer herself. The track is executive produced by Max Gousse and produced by Billboard Hot 100 producer Fuego, who is most known for Jason Derulo’s hit “Whatcha Say” and the recent Chris Brown single “Turn Up The Music” “Away From You” Jump Smokers Remix, which premiered with mass appeal to radio stations all over the country and TV’s Music Choice, was able to reach the 27th position on Dance Billboard charts.
Cara is also known as a television personality featured on numerous television shows including popular late night talk show “Watch What Happens Live” hosted by Andy Cohen, Season 7, Episode 22. (Rise and ‘Fall’) Cara’s National TV appearances include two episodes of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York City” Season 5 in the summer of 2012, including episode 7 where she performed her 3 singles “Do It Now”, “Fall” and “Bad Girl”. Cara’s infamous performance became one of The Top 15 Moments of RHONY Season 5. Often nicknamed a “Bravolebrity” by fans, Cara has appeared on numerous TV networks and was a cast member on NBC’s “Momma’s Boys” produced by Ryan Seacrest, has been a guest on Howard Stern’s TV and radio show twice for both E! Entertainment and Howard TV, as well as being a top Google trend after her most recent Howard TV appearance.
Cara consistently works with acting coaches, dance choreographers and vocal coaches, including renowned vocal coach Wendy Parr and well-known acting coaches Bob Luke and Janet Alhanti. She has successful live shows under her belt including her first live show at Rokk City in New York City, which was to benefit the Humane Society and resulted in the venue overflowing, where Cara had Stephen Baldwin in attendance as a guest. Since performing at Rokk City, Cara has been in high demand in Manhattan, New York and has performed at every major exclusive venue including the famous celebrity filled 1 Oak, where Leonardo DiCaprio was in attendance the evening of her live show.
Cara Quici’s unreleased songs, “Adios” “OAI” & “Clone” were featured on four episodes of Country Music Television’s (CMT) hit show “Southern Nights”, including the finale episode.
In more news Cara Quici and celebrity fashion photographer Gian Andrea di Stefano have collaborated in a series of photographs portraying her identity and iconic inspirations; Goddess of Punk Rock, Blondie’s leading lady, Debbie Harry, and the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Quici’s photos have received National attention and press in numerous major news outlets.
In March 2012, Quici was named the official spokesperson of “Million Faces of Support”, which is a movement created to encourage and support our troops through creating a montage of a million supporting faces, as they try to set a world record for the largest mosaic photo-measuring the size of a football field.
Among having 16 high selling singles already on iTunes, Cara will be releasing a highly anticipated remake of the Beastie Boys hit “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” entitled “Fight”, licensed by both Universal Music Group and Sony ATV, which will debut through radio personalities Nationwide in early 2013. “Fight” was personally approved by Rick Rubin and The Beastie Boys, and will be accompanied with Cara’s first official music video. Quici continues to write melodies and lyrics, is a Pandora Radio favorite, is trademarked, has been dubbed a “pop star” by the NY Post’s Page Six and the Daily News Gate Crasher and was recently added to the “Armed Forces Entertainment” tour roster.

For more info visit her site

hot new artist Jillan O

In a city that has been best known for its athletic teams and juicy peaches, it can be easy to overlook the fact that Atlanta, GA has also produced a list of musical talent that  reads like a Grammy Awards guest list. That list of high-caliber star talent is going to get  a little longer as Jillian O steps up to the plate.
Singing since she could speak, it was evident from the beginning that Jillian O didn’t just love to sing, she was exceptionally good at it. Over the first 10 years of her life, her need for musical expression grew and she began writing songs, as well as performing. ”Early on, I never showed anyone anything I wrote because I thought it was all really bad.” Her passion for songwriting became undeniable, however, and it soon became a part of her identity. “Now I canʼt wait to show my friends and family new songs! It must get pretty annoying!”, Jillian added. Recognizing her unstoppable love for music and her genuine talent for it, her whole family is behind her.
“When I was little I used to dream about singing on stage in front of thousands of people. I wanted people to remember me. I told my parents I wanted to seriously pursue my music career at age twelve. My entire family has supported me from day one. They have never pressed me to do anything I didnʼt want to do. They are just proud and happy Iʼm following my dreams.” As such a young talent, Jillian knows the importance of focusing on her education while pursuing her career, and she excels at both. “Last year, I switched schools. I now go to  a private home school. The school is designed so people who are performers or athletes can pursue their dreams but still get an education and be social. I can go to Nashville and do the work online so I donʼt miss anything when Iʼm gone. My training schedule is pretty intense and Iʼm training as an artist 6-7 days a week for long hours!
Balancing that and staying a straight A student is quite a challenge.” But Jillian O has yet to meet a challenge she wasn’t determined enough to dominate.

For more info vist her site

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

WPal - Paladin Radio welcomes Mari Hot new music from Italy

Mari ( aka Marina Conti) is an Italian singer songwriter who has always been immersed in music . She graduated with a degree in Technical Communications and Music Marketing and she produced and presented the program on the Italian based web radio ‘RAZ’ called ‘Pick Out’. The program was created around Mari’s favorite trip-hop and electronic bands: Air, Portishead, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Goldfrapp and Zero 7, one of whose members she would work with in the future.

Mari worked with various music magazines where she had opportunities to know and interview numerous international musicians and singers. One of these the American guitarist Gary Lucas with whom she wrote ‘You Will See My Flame Again,’ an unreleased song dedicated to a great Lucas’ friend, well renowned singer, songwriter and guitarist, the late Jeff Buckley. A decisive meeting for Mari’s career has been the one with Mozez , the front man with the million selling Zero 7 with whom she co-wrote her debut album ‘Gentle Beauty’, a collection of 12 songs produced by Mozez for his record label Numen Records.

Free, the second single from the album is out now on iTunes, Numen Records and all the leading outlets. The track has been re-mixed by the British remixer and producer Raj Gupta ( Roxy Music, Freddy Mercury,Shirley Bassey, Gorillaz and many other).

The Album Gentle Beauty is currently available on Numen Records and on iTunes , Amazon, Spotify and all the major online music distributors.

Mari’s thoughts

‘I believe that there should be no rules to follow when you write a song. There is a timeless dimension which contains all the notes and all the combinations, past and yet to come, and if you’re lucky, it chooses you and gives you a gift, a song…

There's never anything rational or planned in the way I write. My songs speak about me, my inner world and the simplest things that surround me…

I like comparing my connection with music as a parallel and faithful path that has always accompanied me since I was very young. Although I was working as a sales assistant in a high fashion clothing store, I began to notice that often people's lives around me were somehow like a music composition. The connection between them coming from different backgrounds often intrigued me somehow. They were like musical notes. Those mysterious coincidences, unplanned encounters which were then revealed important developed in me a link , an unconditional trust and love for music which has never left me. Now I'm starting to walk through this path although this is just the beginning of it, I hope it will accompany me for the rest of my life..’ Mari.

WPAL - Paladin Radio is very happy to be adding Mari to Our play rotation and introduce this international artist to the world stage. As always one of the missions of Paladin radio to break down the market lines that seem to exist for international and indie artist like and expose people to great music that would not normaly get attentions of radio stations. Please check out all of this artist links and lend Mari your support.

MARI ALBUM GENTLE BEAUTY and the single FREE – Ray Mang remix version


MARI ALBUM GENTLE BEAUTY and the single FREE – Ray Mang remix version



Monday, March 11, 2013

Paladin radio goes main stream with new call letters WPAL

Its Now Official Paladin Radio is now WPAL-db   In the new and growing industry of internet radio and all the different devices you can listen with. It had become important to shorten names with call letters just for ease of use. Call letter are also an Important hallmark for an internet radio station as they are registered with the FCC database which show you this is a licensed Professional station .

This is very proud moment for us here at WPAL paladin radio and a long time coming as I have truly built this station from the ground up from server to web page through licensing to our new call letters. In a to hope lead the way In professional Internet radio broadcasting.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kelly Pfaff breaking on paladin radio.

turn your images on to see this promo in its full glorySince her 14 years she has been working her way up to her career. In addition to successful top model, dancer, makeup artist, kelly Pfaff was also bitten by the music bug. Music became over the years a real passion, a lifestyle. Twelve years ago she has chosen the path of DJ\entertainer. She wanted to share her passion,she wanted to transfer this passion. After 10 years as a dj in the anonymity, to grow, to learn, to evolve, it was time to be more prominent. Dj Kelly Pfaff joined in the foreground and this with success. Kelly created her own style, her own image. It was the time to go further in building her career, own material, a private stamp, a private single. Together with a talented, unknown, young DJ\producer Wesley Dieltjens, she dove into the studio and was gently, by trial and error, kneaded to what is now the end result. BIP Records competed on the cart, a partnership of trust and mutual respect. Now is the time to unleash her child in the outside world, another step in her quirky, considered career.