Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A closer look at A Dog aka Annikhan


When people see the stage name A Dog aka Annikhan bka Your
Excellency the first thing that is asked is what does it mean. A is
the nickname and A Dog is really saying I'm a dog, in other
words mans best friend, loyalty, protector, that person who will be by
your side at all times out in this cold world. Annikhan is the other
half of me taken from the movie Star wars (but spelled differently)
going with the story line of having good intentions to save through
this dream but ultimately having to choose what's right and wrong
through my eyes. Your Excellency is these two entities as one, when
coming into power you must be even tempered and just....these two
balance out.
The goal for me as an artist is to become successful and
profitable for one reason and one reason only......to reach the masses
and change the tide to create balance in an industry that has become
more negative than positive. Money is part of the motive because it
has to be in order to pursue my passion full time. You will rarely
hear profanity, you will never hear the talk of drug use or the
slandering of women in my songs not just because I think its wrong but
to set an example to the people who are most important....the
innocent/children! I'm only human and I will make mistakes but the
biggest part of the message is striving to free yourself from the
vices that grip you in life..... ~If I Had One Lane Consider It The
Runway...Take Flight~

Songs Selections are from the EP entitled "Sorry For The Interruption"
used to create a buzz for the next EP entitled "Life's Journey" which
will show the growth of my artistry (If you want a few tracks from the
next EP I'll be more than happy to give you a sneak peek)

Stage Name: A Dog aka Annikhan
City/State: Milwaukee,WI
Contact Info: rainier.sheridan@gmail.com
Website: http://www.ADogakaAnnikhan.wix.com/adogakaannikhan
Social site most frequented: http://www.twitter.com/adogakaannikhan
Username: @ADogakaAnnikhan

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