Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gemini Syndrome first tour of 2013

check them out on twiiter @GeminiSyndrome   and facebook

02/02 - Ogden, UT - Kamikazes
02/04 - Phoenix, AZ - Joes Grotto
02/05 - Albuquerque, NM - Hooligans
02/06 - Colorado Springs, CO - Black Sheep


02/08 - Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
02/09 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Piere's
02/10 - Joliet, IL - Mojoes
02/11 - Lawrence, KS - Granada Theatre
02/12 - St. Louis, MO - Pops Nite Club
02/13 - Wichita, KS - The Cotillion
02/14 - Oklahoma City, OK -The Chameleon Room
02/15 - Amarillo, TX - Amarillo Civic Center
02/16 - Houston, TX -Scout Bar
02/17 - Dallas, TX - Trees
02/18 - Broussard, LA - Station Bar & Grill
02/19 - Little Rock, AK - Juanita's
02/20 - Pensacola, FL - Vinyl Music Hall
02/22 - Jacksonville, NC - Hooligans
02/23 - Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
02/24 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre
02/27 - Jacksonville, FL - Brewsters Megaplex
02/28 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room
03/01 - Fort Meyers, FL - Harborside Event Center
03/02 - St. Petersburg, FL - The State Theatre
03/03 - Winter Park, FL - The Haven
03/05 - Charlotte, NC - Amos Southend
03/06 - Johnson City, TN - Capones
03/07 - Springfield, VA - Empire
03/08 - Kent, OH - JB's
03/09 - Detroit, MI - Harpo's Concert Theatre

How and where to tune in paladin radio

I am ask all the time how can I tune in Paladin radio. we are all over the web so here is a list

Our home page is a great place to start just click the image to go there

You can also tune us in on out mobile app just scan the code

We are one of the 1% of all Internet radio stations listed on windows media guide just click on the image to go there
windows media radio guide

we are also listed on ITunes under top 40 no link on this image as it is built into ITunes
iTunes Radio
we are listed on streema just click the image to got there
We are listed on Radio Tuna just click the link to go there
Radio Tuna

We are listed on Tuner24 You will have to search paladin radio there as they offer no direct links

we are listed on streaming the net just click the image to go there

we are also listed on Delicast just click on the image to go there

we are also listed on Tunein radio just click the image to go there

we are listed in Many other places but these are some of the most well know and we adding more as we go enjoy the music

Monday, January 28, 2013

A hot new film project you have to check out My Enemy's Son

My Enemy's Son is the crime drama that will have you on the edge of your seats wondering what is going to happen next. Viewers will be intrigued by how T-Low stays 10 steps ahead of the law, while barely escaping sudden death. This film shows how the code of the streets puts a street hustler's human ethics to the test.

The scene is set in Chicago on the south side. T-Low (Larenzo Simmons) is a mid level hustler that gets a call from Jay (Darius Dotson) about a sweet deal on street merchandise. T-Low had his reservation about the seller because Cheeks (Antonio Tillis) never had the means to put his hands on the level of product T-Low can afford to pay for. Despite T-Low's doubts about Cheeks he decides to take the risk because of the price. If the deal goes through he can stand to make a lot of money and do something else with his life. He just doesn't know what.

Since T-Low has reservations about this current deal, he takes Man Man (Vernard Rule) to meet as backup incase things go afoul.

Director: William Adams


William Adams (story), William Adams
for more Info check it out on IMDb

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Paladin radio breaking artist Tre Legend

Tre Legend is a multi-talented up and coming rap artist out of the Los Angeles. Twelve years deep in the game he has mastered his skills as a rap artist/songwriter and is ready to take the music industry by storm. Tre Legend took his skills and his talent seriously around the age of sixteen, which was also the time he hooked up with a producer named J. Scott. With a combination of hard work and dedication, J. Scott coached Tre Legend to improve his vocals and writing skills to help him sharpen his craft.
Tre Legend approached the music industry by aggressively making a name for hisself in the streets by performing in the clubs. Club recognition opened up new oppurtunities for him to open up for rap legend DJ Quik, collaborate with Compton Menace, Glasses Malone, and The Game. 2010 was a great year for Tre Legend as he was presented with a plaque by the city of Compton, CA as artist of year and winner of several trophies in rap competitions and rounded out the year with an exclusive interview in DUBCNN.COM. So it’s safe to say that the future for Tre Legend looks very promising.
What sets Tre Legend aside from other artist is his unique ability to tune into the music keys, notes, and melody that creates sounds never heard before.
Being an artist from Los Angeles, he has developed a unique style that approaches the industry in ways that haven’t been demonstrated before and it is taking the music industry by storm.
Living by one of his favorite quotes is
                                                                                   “Be a true artist…Know you goals and reach them as you gain success.”

Monday, January 21, 2013

paladin radio breaking artist Oghene Punstar

"I'm just a sick dude hoping to make a living out of metaphors and punchlines..." Popularly known as OghenePunstar or Mr Pun Star, he started rapping at age 14 but became a rapper at age 17. Pun Star started rapping under the influence of 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin'. The now 22 year old rapper hails from Delta state, Nigeria but is based in Lagos state, Nigeria.
Pun star's style of rap sits comfortably on lyrical strength. And as the name implies pun i.e. wordplay is involved. This rapper, with a name that provokes questions & thoughts, has been able to live up to his name so far. This he does by flaunting his lyrical prowess on his verses, hooks & quotes. Feature Pun Star on your song & you'll be glad you did.
He has also graced several shows with his entertaining & energetic performances. He has a B.A in Mass Communication. He represents the Nasty Sounds Academy {N.S.A}. His latest work, Street Dreams EP can be downloaded at

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Paladin radio breaking artist Nikka Ata Shin

Early this morning on twitter I meet  Nikka Ata Shin on twitter and had a chance to listen to her music and it was great very much reminded me of enigma so I had to pick her music up for the station. Here at paladin radio we are always looking for music and never know where we will find it.
Once in a great while something really great just falls in our lap as it did in this case.

For more information on Nikka check here out on reverbnation

Paladin radio breaking artist The young Liars


For more info :

Monday, January 14, 2013

Paladin radio enters in to partnership with Dj CellBlock

Starting with ''Best Indie Hits Vol. 3'' from  Dj CellBlock. INDIE HITS MIXTAPE SERIES.  Paladin Radio will start putting the songs voted as the best into full  air play rotation. We both feel this Joint endeavor with bring some of the best new indie music to the world and help a lot of great Breaking artist a great start. To get Involved with DJ CellBlocks project check out the web site here for more information
We look forward to launching a lot of great talent. Stay tuned for more news and up dated.

Paladin radio breaking artist The William Street Strikers

'' The William Street Strikers play a diverse mix of styles that fit together to form the bands sound which has been described as '' a sound totally their own '' . The only stipulation on what songs end up in their arsenal is that it sounds good in a live situation. This is because the band from day one has been about live shows and lots of them. This has also been their philosophy when it comes to recording, they are just about to put out their fourth album which will be available in March. Having a good body of work has served them well in Australia with their last two albums getting Radio and T.V play and becoming an underground favourite of the community network. This was evident when their last Album '' Keep Left'' spent 7 weeks in the Amrap charts being heavily rotated and their filmclips being aired on the long running ABC music show Rage. Currently finishing off their new album they are getting preparations ready for another assault as they head out again to gig behind the new album. ''

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Paladin radio - Windows media guide

Its official Paladin radio is now listed on windows media, We are proud to be there listed with the likes of BBC1 and CBS sports radio. This makes us truly global and easy to find as we are right in your windows media player.

2013 is going to be a huge year for us a year of growth with many new surprises for all on the way.
Big things are coming with celebrity interview work with great organizations like Mission one voice

we look forward to binging you hours of  quality entertainment

you can connect with us at
 Paladin radio contacts
Twitter: PaladinRadio
Facebook: Paladin Radio

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

paladin radio news update

We are giving you a little bit of an update on what's new and happening with paladin radio.
The first big news we have is our licensing agreement with windows media guide has been accepted and we will be going live on windows media guide in a mater of days. We are very happy about
 this for a few reasons. It gives us a listing as default station in every windows media player in the world. Also we see it as a great accomplishment as less than 1% of all internet radio stations are listed there.

In other news our social network influence continues to grow with our Klout score at 62 and still going up. Our twitter @PaladinRadio has been a great success for us with over 150,000 followers and our facebook fan page at over 4000 likes. Also for people that want to have a little fun with social investing we are being traded at Empire avenue where in a matter of hours of being traded we have went from 10 to 18.

we continue to launch hot new artist such as Redd ,Stacey Jackson & Keshia Chante  and look forward to launching more new hot artist. All Interested artist can submit songs for airplay to Paladin radio

We are also looking for volunteers who love music and would like to help us write about it. For more information send us a message here.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot breaking artist on paladin radio Stacey Jackson

We Have just picked up and started air play of Staceys new single I am woman and are also sharing the video with you featuring I Jenna Jonathan reality TV star of 'The Valleys' MTV show in the UK.
We are waiting for the highly anticipated single 'Pointing Fingers' to be  released Feb 25th .
For all the current news on Stacey Jackson visit her website 

Paladin radio hot breaking artist Keshia Chante

Keshia has been burning up the charts worldwide  recently having Table Dancer go #1 on Billboard in Japan.. Making headlines every where she goes Keshsia  is a rising force in The music Industry.
Paladin radio is happy to be one of the first to pick up her new single I've been searching.  The first of many tracks from Keshia Chante.
You can find out all the current new and information visit about Keshia Chante at

Hot new artist on Paladin Radio Miss Autumn Leaves

Miss Autumn Leaves
Miss Autumn Leaves
Ebby Drenthe (also known as MISS AUTUMN LEAVES), is a lovely lady with a good sense of humor and many artistic skills. She plays guitar, writes, composes and sings her own music. She loves music, art, fashion, poetry, writing and people. Her performances always blast you away, full of energy and joy. Her mezzo-alto voice is beautifully deep, warm and powerful. Wherever she performs it is always a blessing. She doesn't hide the fact that she has a strong faith in God. She sings Gospel, Dance music, soulful House, Soul, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Pop, and R&B. She has sung for famous artists such as; Gloria Estefan, Madeleine Bell, Dana Winner and many more. Also the Weddings of: Ruud Gullit, Alex Blanchard, Paul Haarhuis, and many more. She has written and produced the musicals: A Mother's Cry 2005, and Sing Sister Swing 2008. Her project Sing Sister swing is expected to debut at the end of 2010. She became popular in Belgium because of the hit singel "Don't Walk Away From Me" (System Matic Parts 2001). In 2004 she joined the group La Gazz with great success. In 2008 she had four single releases where she wrote the lyrics and did the vocal composing of the first three singles. 1.) Feel Better- DJ Elektrokid, 2.) Sweet Sensation - La Gazz, 3.) Busy Like That - DJ Mystique, 4.) Wade in the water- Olivier Abbeloos 5.) Burning - Peter Luts. She has worked with DJ Olivier Abbeloos who has produced and composed a few of her latest songs. Nowadays she is collaborating with the best DJ's and producers of England, The Netherlands and Belgium. There will be a release of her next single 'Good Times' with Robert Abigail who is well known from the famous songs 'Mogito' and 'Merenge'. 2010 will be the start of a new group, called D4-Sense, with DJ Grammy, Niels Scheijvens on sax, Peter Schneijder on Drums, Ebby Drenthe Vocals. Her favorite quotes are: Love your neighbour as yourself! Live life, and let life live! Don't worry, be happy! Great hope makes great men! See you when I get there!

Hot new artist on Paladin radio Havana

The capital of Cuba, the most famous cigar. these are the things that come to mind when one thinks of Havana. Havana is about to be redefined in the consciousness of the music loving world as 'The Irish Girl with Latin Spirit' with her urban dance sound with a Latin twist.

Hailing from a small village outside Cork, Havana, the youngest of nine children, was discovered by one half of a London music management team by chance. This gutsy driven artist had managed to blag her way on stage as a support act for Elton John when he played in her home town of Cork, by hounding local promoter, Kenny Lee of Aiken promotions who agreed to put her on the bill. He knew that this was something special.Her effortless style and captivating looks took his breath away. It was just pure raw talent. Before the end of the evening, he was on the phone to London based manager David Kraftman, and it was not long before he agreed to bring her over to London.

In just over a year, so much has happened with many of London' s top music professionals wanting to work with this unsigned artist from Southern Ireland.

Her debut solo single 'Dance Like That' released in April, has been playing all around the major clubs in UK and Europe and filled the dance floors as it has stormed to a top 5 club position in the charts. Plus an appearance with Tony Hadley on 'This Morning' and already on the A list celebrity circuit.

She has already worked with many of London's top producers including Pete Hammond, one of Kylie's producers, the famous mixmaster. He believes she has the most fantastic pop voice, which is right up there with the best of them.

Pete Bassett, Managing Director, of Quite Great Communications , also immediately fell for Havana's vocal talent and he should know a thing or two about talent having worked with the likes of Russell Watson, Van Morrison , Cher, Paul Simon, Simple Minds, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin, Guns n Roses right through to the likes of Nerina Pallot. All it took was the YouTube video clip of Havana, singing her own interpretation of, the Neil Diamond classic, 'Hello Again' and he was hooked. The mix of Mariah Carey'esque vocals and looks were enough to get his team on board, check out the link and see if you agree with them...

In her dance routines, she has been likened to Shakira, a complement indeed. Her management team also secured a deal to do a duet with the legendary Tony Hadley to record a new version of Spandau Ballet's True as the end credit song for From The Ashes which premiered in London on May 10th with a nationwide release. For the premiere, which had a star studded guest list, she was dressed by Paul Costelloe.

One shouldn't be fooled by this sweet little thing from Cork. She has an astute head on her young shoulders. She has an aura around her that captivates all that meet her. And she has brains as well. She is also launching a new range of lingerie and swimwear together with Kraftman, whose original background is retail.

2012 looks like being a very exciting year for Havana with her debut album almost complete with some major world superstars collaborating on the album. Her aim is really just to cheer up the world with her love of music and let them escape the every day drudgery and fears that seem to be enveloping everyone at the moment, and let them share 'the wonderful world of Havana'.

Whats trending on Youtube or things with more views then Cassidy - R.A.I.D

Cassidy - R.A.I.D another beef video they seem to be going around and for some reason people seem to be into controversy with  267,020 views. Personally questions I would have is was it worth the studio time it cost make this? I have to say until I saw this video I had no clue who Cassidy was before this video came out. will it get played on Paladin radio? NO we take no part in beefs and encourage other stations to do the same.

One Direction - Kiss You - 1 day to go  I think the tittle explains it all just one day left till it breaks with 392,722 just for this promo with is more than Cassidy - R.A.I.D kinda puts things in prospective.

Gibson Dave Leevee Delta 2   well al greave what happened to this Gibson classic all I know is I am never flying delta again 347,655 on this one and wow again more than Cassidy - R.A.I.D

"Beauty And A Beat" - Justin Bieber (Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza Cover)
its trending and its a nice cover but there again its a cover and something we try to avoid at all cost on paladin radio its nothing personal we just know what happened in the 50s with covers and chose to support original music this has 305,792 more than Cassidy - R.A.I.D

Trombone Silliness this is just cool video with a nice video effect and it has whopping  709,731 more than Cassidy - R.A.I.D

MAT KEARNEY - CHIP DON'T GO  recorded in my home studio the night of the Fiesta Bowl as an attempt to persuade Chip Kelly to stay on as head coach of the Oregon ducks despite the many NFL offers. That's what I call fan support right there very cool this has 135,987 views

Paramore: Now - on iTunes January 22nd  self expletory promo for paramour it has 373,801 views or  more view then Cassidy - R.A.I.D

Ed Sheeran UK Tour Diary (Part Two)  a short funny promo for the tour it has 49,676 views

well that's what's trending now on youtube for better or worst I had fun with it hope you did too

Top Youtube music videos

with over a billion views you cant help but recognize the success of this video. But why? was it the music alone because most in America could not understand a word of what Psy said. Was it the fact that the video was funny was it the comedy factor that put it over? This video was so successful there has even been talk of subliminal being added to the video. we just don't know more will be reviled when Psy dose a second video and we see how it dose. For now congratulations on your success.

continuing the Asian invasion is Girls Generation again we have no clue what they are saying here in America and the music its self is not that impressive but we feel they have large support from there home country and in the end a group of hot girls dancing around is popular in any language with over 21 million views again its hard to argue with success we wish them luck and please do something in English.

This video is still listed as top song Rihanna - Diamonds  with strong runs on billboard we can see why. Even after the controversy on views this video is still boasting 125,295,402 views and lets face it Rihanna is no stranger to controversy and it seems the more there is the better she dose. We here at Paladin Radio could careless about the controversy .Rihanna Just keeps creating hit after hit and we hope she don't stop..

PSY (ft. HYUNA) 오빤 딱 내 스타일  Psy Is going back to the well again with new version of his song now with HYUNA as much as I agree adding a hot woman to mix always a good idea will Lighting strike twice with 233,219,463 view we have to say its well on its way. - Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears  what can I say seeing this song as a top YouTube is no surprise with Britney spears almost guaranteed this song was going to be a beast.60,469,254 views is not a bad day at the office at all.

Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble  Taylor has been on a rip this year with her Red album with 23,783,617 views on Youtube 

Justin Bieber - Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj  with 133,077,086 views on YouTube this kid just keeps making hits can he keep on going at this rate? we will see if dose given his age now with a full career in front of him he could be the largest grossing artist in history. Stay healthy Justin and keep putting out the music.

Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven  another great song for Bruno Mars a bit of departure from what we have come to expect. I have to say personally I feel he nailed it and with 60,285,741 views on Youtube I see I am not alone.

All of these top songs are played on paladin radio tune in and tell a friend

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Paladin radio proud supporter of Misson one voice

Paladin radio is Vet run and owned. As a disabled war veteran I  can personally appreciate  what Mission one voice dose for veterans. I also believe in the healing power of music this is why Paladin radio supports Mission one voice and all veterans in any way we can. Please take A moment to watch this video about Mission one voice and if you can give this great cause a donation

tune us in with our new cell phone app

Paladin radio has now released a new Internet radio cell phone app that will let you tune us in from any mobile device. We have done our best to cover all formats ios, android, blackberry ect.  you can get the app at Paladin radio or just scan the code below.