Friday, December 14, 2012

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Every day we hear stories of injustice, violence and corruption that infuriate, frighten and sadden us. And every day Avaaz considers the battles our community can best take on and fight together to win. But Avaaz staff can only drive a few campaigns at a time and that means there are a huge number of local, national and global issues that do not get the attention they deserve.

Here's the solution -- we all start a campaign about something we care about. It's super easy!

These new simple allow anyone to start a petition, tell friends, and win campaigns. Just imagine the change we can make if we all start our own petitions and support each others causes! Click to start a petition now -- it's super quick and easy:

Since this new tool launched this year, more than 20,000 Avaaz members around the world have started campaigns of their own -- and time after time, we’re winning!

17-year old Leona started a campaign with Avaaz to stop an onslaught of polluting salmon farms from fouling a protected marine area near her home. When thousands from across the country signed on, a New Zealand paper wrote that the petition “highlights overwhelming public opposition” and made it an issue the politicians couldn't ignore.

And after his brother killed himself, Shanker, from India, launched a desperate plea to free the other 100 workers trapped by an abusive employer in Bahrain. When thousands signed Shanker’s petition, the public pressure mounted, and The Times of India wrote that Shanker’s “lone voice earning support from thousands on the internet” helped rescue the stranded workers.

There are now 17 million of us in Avaaz. The power is now in all our hands -- take a few minutes and get the next great Avaaz campaign off the ground:

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