Sunday, December 16, 2012

How To Make An online Press Kit For Your Band

1. E-mail.
The E-mail should be a addressed to the person or organization you are giving the press kit to. This should have your contact information, website, and basic details about your music and band.  Put your contact information in the kit. This page should be eye-catching and visually appealing since it is the first thing that will be seen.
2. Include your band bio.
A bio is a one-page sheet about the band. This should be story-based, easy to read, and interesting.
3. Include your Mp3 & video link.
Include your latest Mp3 & video link if you have one. Make sure all of your information is on the Mp3 itself, So it can go stright to radio play with out having to be re-taged.
4. Include a fact sheet about your band.
A fact sheet is a one-page reference sheet with basic facts about your band. This includes:
•Band name
•Style and genre of music
•A list of established bands you sound like
•When you were formed
•Discography(albums you have made)
•Band member names
•Notable coverage or facts about your band
5. Include any press clippings, reviews, or positive mentions.
If you have press coverage, include a page of quotes and reviews of your band, live show, or albums.
6. Include a list of where your music has been played.
Include notable radio, television, and media play of your music. If you've licensed your songs in films or other notable ways, include those.
7. Include an  photo or photos .

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